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Some Kind of Love
Length: 3:37
Released: 2005
Album: Romantic Wealth

Some Kind of Love is a song released by Lorene Drive on their album, Romantic Wealth.


Some say I'm a singer
I say another sinner
Don't blame these bloody fingers
Cause I know I've gotten further
Than anyone I know now
Much better than I ever knew before
It's such a wonderful chemistry
It's just a wonderful thing
You better not pour me that drink
Cause you're my favorite enemy
Build me up baby, don't break me down
Some say I don't meet the standard
To avoid a great disaster
Don't blame these worn out fingers
Cause i know, oh yes I know
You dance around the obvious
Around the bush you beat too much
Don't lie to me, just be straight up
Start over, if you consider me a friend