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Released: November 2, 2018
Recorded: 2017-2018
Length: 18:03
Singles: Gotta Let Go, Another Level
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Psalms is an extended play by Hollywood Undead that was released on November 2, 2018.


Johnny 3 Tears: "On our new EP, we tackle darker subjects such as life, death, and suicide. As a band, we try to convey messages of hope and with this project specifically, redemption. If I could speak to every individual who needs help, I would. But no one can do that, and that's why we make the music we do. Hopefully, we can help someone with these songs. They have definitely helped us."


No. Title Length
1. Bloody Nose 4:10
2. Live Fast Die Young 3:41
3. Something to Believe 3:21
4. Another Level 3:19
5. Gotta Let Go 3:32


Hollywood Undead

Charlie Scene
Funny Man
Johnny 3 Tears


Courtney Ballard
Griffin Boice
Matt Good
Sean Gould
James Krausse
Jarod Poythress
Dale Sebastian
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