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Jimmy Yuma
General Information
Real Name James Milner
Joined 2008
Position rhythm guitar, backup vocals
Bands Nine Lives (2008-2017)
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Jimmy Yuma is a guitarist and a member of Deuce's solo career lineup, playing guitar on his songs and live shows. He is also a member of Nine Lives.


He was born and raised in Los Angeles in his parents house somewhere in the valley.

He is the guitarist of Deuce's solo lineup and Nine Lives, playing guitar on most of his songs alongside Deuce (who plays the bass) unlike Deuce, he actually plays guitar live. Along with being a guitarist, he also provides unclean backup vocals on several songs.

While he was never a member of Hollywood Undead, he did know the band, partially due to his help in writing This Love, This Hate and being Deuce's personal assistant on HU's tours.

He was paid out of Deuce's pocket to help set up his equipment on tour, but eventually, the band started paying him to help set up their equipment as well, which caused confusion. Eventually, the band said, "We're not going to pay $800 a month to have your buddy on tour."


Jimmy Yuma has only worn three masks with his time in Nine Lives. First was a ski-type mask. Second was a George W. Bush mask . Third is a fairly basic mask, that is black on one-half, and gold on the other. L

Featured In

Nine Lives


  • He has writing credits on Hollywood Undead's song This Love, This Hate.
  • His twitter is @yuma9lives
  • Jimmy Yuma has been making music with Deuce since long before Nine Lives was formed and his departure from Hollywood Undead, being his guitarist since 2008 when Deuce was first signed as a solo musician.
  • He appears in the music videos of Let's Get It Crackin', America, Help Me and I Came to Party.
  • Jimmy Yuma has said he helped design Hollywood Undead masks back during Swan Songs.
  • He started as a vocalist way before Nine Lives was formed, but he never got good at it so he switched to guitar.
  • Him and Deuce know each other since he was 5 y/o and they started playing together when he was around 15 y/o at his parents’ garage.