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James Kloeppel
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General Information
Real Name James Kloeppel
Joined 2012
Position vocals, lead guitar, bass guitar
Bands Nine Lives (2012-2017)
Glory Stompers
The Longing
The Happy Problem

James Kloeppel is a guitarist for Nine Lives and Deuce's solo career lineup.


James Kloeppel is one of Deuce's guitarists, along with Jimmy Yuma. He first joined Nine Lives and Deuce's solo career lineup when he was called to fill in for Jimmy Yuma during their winter tour in 2012.


James Kloeppel only has one mask. His mask is black on one-half, and red on the other. It also has a stitched up mouth that is white on the black half, and black on the red half. On the red half is a black scar and on the black half is a white scar.

Featured in



  • He appears in the music video of America.


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