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Hollywood Undead
Hollywood Undead album.png
Released: Unreleased;
planned for a late 2007 release
Recorded: 2005-2007
Length: 54:17
Label: Interscope Records
Producers: Tha Producer, Griffin Boice,
Danny Lohner
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Hollywood Undead is an unreleased album by Hollywood Undead. The members in the band at the time of this album's planned release were Charlie Scene, J-Dog, Tha Producer, Johnny 3 Tears, Funny Man, and Da Kurlzz.


Hollywood Undead was the band's first planned release. In 2007, they were offered a deal to sign onto MySpace Records, with plans for them to become the first release under the label. The band backed down from the offer when they found out that their album would be censored. They later signed to Interscope Records, where they were re-recorded most of the songs to make them sound up to date. Due to all of the re-recording being done, they scrapped this album and started production on Swan Songs.


No. Title Length
1. Undead 4:37
2. Sell Your Soul 3:16
3. California 3:17
4. Dead in Ditches 4:15
5. No. 5 3:06
6. City 3:35
7. Young 3:17
8. My Black Dahlia 3:46
9. Tear It Up 3:18
10. Los Angeles 3:20
11. The Natives 3:44
12. Turn Off the Lights 3:22
13. Everywhere I Go 3:35
14. The Diary 4:38
15. Paradise Lost (His Dark Material) 3:11



  • It is rumored that the original title of Undead on this album was going to be Out the Way. However, the official tracklisting of the album has been released online and the song is still called Undead, which debunks the rumor.