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Devilape98 Devilape98 9 November 2017

Hollywood Undead

Hollywood undead might no is the single best band to me everyone should listen to them everyday all day no other band or singer can compare to them Dont ever quit guys i listen to you all day everyday you saved me from suicide and got me throw my heart break i love yall music i worship yall, my top 5 fav songs are...

We Are



Bad Moon

Sell Your Soul


                                    The DEVIL APE

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HU4L4L HU4L4L 16 October 2015

Favorite HU song

My favorite HU song from each album would be Swan Songs: Bottle and a Gun, Desperate Measures: El urgencia, American Tragedy: Tendincies, Notes From The Underground: I Am, Day of the Dead: either War Child or DEITWHTD. Unrealeased: Dead in Ditches.

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TheScottBird TheScottBird 20 June 2014

Wiki Adoption

Hello, fello HU soldiers. I am TheScottBird, and I would like to discuss an important topic among you all today.

You see, this wiki is very low on active users. Sure, one of you may stop on here and make a quick change or so, and some of you even help this wiki out more than others by making better and more useful edits.

I'm not saying any of you guys are bad users at all, but I have asked the Wikia community (well, Community Central) if I can have adminstrative rights on this wiki. My reason being is because I am really the only activley-active user. And by that I mean that I am the only user who stops here at least once a day to do some touching up and page-creating.

This wiki could really use some major modifications, (as its creator/main …

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Anyone here?

Hey... Is anyone here? Does anyone still user here? Wheres is the founder?

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