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General Information
Real Name Glendon Crain
Stage Name Biscuitz
Joined 2008
Left 2010
Position live acoustic drums
Bands Hollywood Undead (2008-2010)
The Feds (1995-2001)
Loser (2001-2004)
Godhead (2005-2007)

Biscuitz was a touring member of Hollywood Undead. He played acoustic drums during concerts. He did not wear a mask.


Originally hailing from Kansas City, Biscuitz is a hard-hitting, perfectly-timed, yet theatrical drummer who has also somehow managed to maintain his Mid-West charm. His musicality, diversity, and professionalism have kept him on the road as a touring musician for the last twelve years. He joined his first band The Feds fresh out of high school and they were quickly signed to Capitol Records. Over the next five years, Crain would record five albums with The Feds and tour non-stop. In 2001, a call came that would change his life.

Jumping at the chance for something bigger and better, Crain accepted the invitation from John 5 to join his new venture Loser on Island Def Jam Records. In support of Loser’s album “Just Like You”, Crain found himself on tour opening for Staind. Just as Loser began to gain real momentum, John 5 had to depart due to scheduling conflicts and giving Crain the opportunity to once again try something new. This came quickly in the form of thrash metal band, New Dead Radio. It was not long before “bigger and better” again came knocking. This time Crain found himself a new home with Capitol Records/Cement Shoes artists Godhead.

While recording with his side project Yeti and taking a break from life on a bus, Crain was asked to join Hollywood Undead. The commercial success from the tours earned him a gold record and a place on stage with artists such as: Alice in Chains, Katy Perry, Atreyu, Linkin Park, Mastodon, and Korn. In late 2009, Hollywood Undead released their live album Desperate Measures which included a live performances, thus Biscuitz.