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American Tragedy
Released: April 4, 2011
Recorded: June–December 2010
Length: 1:17:31
Label: A&M/Octone
Producers: Don Gilmore, Griffin Boice
Billboard: 4
Singles: Hear Me Now, Been to Hell,
Coming Back Down, Comin' in Hot, My Town, Bullet, Levitate
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American Tragedy is the second studio album by Hollywood Undead.


No. Title Length
1. Been to Hell 3:23
2. Apologize 3:27
3. Comin' in Hot 3:43
4. My Town 3:36
5. I Don't Wanna Die 3:59
6. Hear Me Now 3:33
7. Gangsta Sexy 3:54
8. Glory 3:34
9. Lights Out 3:51
10. Coming Back Down 3:23
11. Bullet 3:18
12. Levitate 3:24
13. Pour Me 4:03
14. Tendencies 3:32

Deluxe Edition

No. Title Length
15. Mother Murder 4:10
16. Lump Your Head 3:37
17. Le Deux 3:45
18. S.C.A.V.A. 4:04

iTunes Bonus Track

No. Title Length
19. Street Dreams 4:04

iTunes Pre-Order Bonus Tracks

No. Title Length
20. Comin' in Hot (Instrumental) 3:43
21. Apologize (Instrumental) 3:27


Hollywood Undead

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Da Kurlzz
Funny Man
Johnny 3 Tears


Griffin Boice
Dean Butterworth
Petra Christensen
Dorian "Wook" Crozier
Dylan "3D" Dresdow
Serban Ghenea
Don Gilmore
Ben Grosse
Sean Gould
Jeff Halatrax
John Hanes
Bart Hendrickson
Sam Hollander
Will Hut
Dave Katz
John Lowery
Jamie Martinez
Grant Michaels
Jamie Muhoberoc
Daren Pfeifer
Kevin Rudolf
BC Smith


  • The band recorded American Tragedy at night, because they didn't want to see any sunlight.